Believe it or not, the story behind The i.e. Design House is a bit of a love story in and of itself.  It all started in 2014 with Israel and Emily meeting and instantly connecting through their creative gestures for one another as well as their love for art. They found that many of their conversations in those first few months of seeing one another centered around art and creating.  Israel was an artist who owned an art gallery in the Kansas City Crossroads Arts District, and Emily was a schoolteacher who enjoyed bringing creativity into her classroom but felt like she couldn’t do everything she wanted to do with that creative energy.  The two fell in love and were married 2 years later.  In planning their own wedding, and spending months creating a ceremony backdrop that would eventually become a staple “must see” for all First Friday goers, Israel and Emily decided that creating amazing backdrops, and wedding designs should not stop here.  The two began their journey in the Wedding Industry offering both wedding planning, and wedding photography. 

The i.e. Design House offers premium service, full service and partial service planning, as well as day of event coordination for weddings, corporate events, anniversary parties, non-profit events, vow renewals, and more.  The i.e. Design House organizes, plans, designs, coordinates, and creates a day that is not only memorable for you, but leaves a lasting impression on all of your guests as well.  Emily and Israel pride themselves on creating events that exceed all expectations, as they not only provide satisfactory service, but relationship- based service.  Why sure, you are probably wanting your event to be seamless, but Emily and Israel want so much more than that for all of their clients.  The i.e. Design House works with  one goal in mind; to turn that day you’ve been dreaming of, into your reality.  Should you choose to use i.e. Design to help plan, design, or coordinate your next, you most definitely will be glad you did.
Thank you!


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